Digital Marketing Makeover - Learn the Top #3 Often Overlooked and Underestimated Ways That Many Industry Experts Take For Granted! ( KL )


If you are an Author, Speaker, Coach or Consultant. Or Anyone Who Is In The Business Of Selling Your Information or Expertise and your not making enough money then you would like to.... Hear me out!

From The Desk of David Chua.

How many of you agree that the "Expert" or "Information" Place Is Getting Wee Bit Crowded?
How many of you would also agree that your not making enough money then you would love to?

I'm going to keep this short and sweet to persuade you to get your butt to this event!

Cause I know that in a world of instant facebook, wechat, whatsapps...
Our average attention span is pretty short and diluted.

Here's the gist of things...

I just came back from a Mastermind Event in Australia.
And I've helped tons of people get results in their business.

And I Want to do the same for you here in Asia,
Especially before the year 2015 ends.
I've decided to do a few events before christmas.
So here it is.

The event is called "Digital Marketing Makeover"
Where I will spend 1/2 Day with you and get you some epic results.
What I will be covering in this event is:
1) The Top #3 Key Mistakes That Even Established Industry Experts Make In Their Business
2) The #1 Overall Problem Why Your Not Making Enough Money For Your Business
3) "How They Did It" Session Where I Will Breakdown How 7-8 Figure Experts Build Their Empire
4) What is the "Funnel Bubble" and How You Leverage It To Your Advantage

And with the information I'm going to share with you...
I want to help you do a "Complete Makeover" for your business.

Sound cool?

Then Get to this event if...
1) You want to learn how you can get more clients
2) You want to learn how you can fill up your events
3) You want to learn how to publish or sell your book
4) You want to make money online, 5-6 Figure at least
5) You want to stand out from the sea of sameness

If any of the above resonates with you!
Get to this event and let me blow your mind!


My 1-on-1 consulting coaching rates are $1000USD an hour.
But at this event...

I will take one lucky persons "expertise" and map out a 6-7 Figure Online and Offline Empire within 15 Minutes... Guaranteed!

And if we have time, I might do a bonus round.

Btw, Here are some lifestyle pictures with me and my big mouth open!
Take a look...

Me in Dubai!

Under the World's Tallest Building in Dubai

A lot of marketers will say they own the car. I'm not going to lie to you. It can be rented for $1000 an hour. And I rented it, got to drive it at 120kmph an hour ( PS: Not a speed demon ;p )

Me cruising in the carribean islands

My favourite theme park! Disneyland, Orlando USA

Potala Palace in the mountains of tibet!

The Ice Caps of the Himalayan Mountains

I've done some cool stuff, most people don't do in their lifetime.

And just let you know,

that the reason why i'm posting these is to show you that I've been doing this for over 3 years.

I've been around the "block"

I know the in's and out's of the industry!

And i definitely know what I'm doing :)

So if you read till the end here.

Thanks so much for taking the time!


Sign up for the event and let me show you through not my words, but my actions :)

Rock On,

David Chua

Sat Nov 28, 2015
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MYT
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